Radical Voyage
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"freedom is much closer than you think.”

- Troy eckerT


“the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

- Joseph campbell


In the modern world our "to do" lists are full and we’re all beyond “busy”, but are we too busy to forget about our own well being? We go and go and go until we unconsciously run ourselves into the ground and are suddenly faced with having to dig ourselves out of the hole WE dug. Over the years I have found that creating a foundational mind, body and deeper soul connection is one of the most…


about troy

Where to begin? Isn’t that the question we all have? Whether it’s regarding a project, a new job, a new relationship, improving your health and more. We’re always faced with choices. For me the choices I made early on led me on a radical life’s path filled with ups and downs yet I wouldn't have changed anything. I was on my way to becoming a…



Helping people to remember who they are and what they’re capable of creating and achieving.

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