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@dtetto @chelsbingham @my foot (at Venice Beach)
I live here now  (at Erwin Venice Beach)
Two Guys, One Truck  (at Community Los Feliz)

Where’s Snowden?
There are 10 Edward Snowdens here. Also a few Vladimir Putin’s. Also Jay-Z and Marina Abramovic. Also the Pope. Also Backdoor Teen Mom. Also the Red Wedding. Also goat riding skateboard. And a lot more that I can’t quite bring myself to type out. Basically a lot of major moments in pop culture this year. Thanks to GQ art director: Chelsea Cardinal. Though this ultimately never ran, it was still fun to draw.
Satchel Page 
Neil Kellerhouse 
🌴🌴 (at Palm Springs, California)
Day Game  (at AT&T Park)

Too crowded…