(This group is SOLD OUT. please Check back for updates on new groups)

group intention:

In this 6-month collaborative journey you will be surrounded by a group of likeminded men that are all striving for that next level in business and in their personal lives. You will be supported and held accountable in forging your path in connecting to your calling as a human being living on planet earth. We’ll be breaking down the limiting beliefs and reoccurring stories that keep you stuck to create the life you WANT to live. It will be challenging, uncomfortable, exhilarating, exciting and everything in between. It’s time to connect with who you truly are and to live a life on purpose.

Questions you may be asking yourself:

  • How do I take my current career or job to the next level?

  • How can I create more wealth in my life?

  • What is my life’s purpose?

  • How do I stop playing small and start playing big?

  • How do I take the next step in leaving my job to create the career I want?

  • Why do I continue to enter into the same relationships that don’t serve me?

  • How can I take my current relationship to the next level?

  • How do I take my health to the next level?

This coaching group is for:

  • High achievers of life.

  • Men who are enthusiastic and ready to up their personal and work game. 

  • Men that are willing to be vulnerable and face their deepest fears to truly take their lives to the highest level. 

  • Men who are open to a new way of thinking and to look at the world as a blank canvas ready to create from.

  • Men who are looking to evolve and grow their spiritual and energetic self.

group details

  • Group is limited to 8 men.

  • Length - 6-months.

  • Two-hour video call once a week (specific day and time TBD).

  • Lead by Troy Eckert.

  • Group starts in September 2019 and ends in March 2020.

  • Contact for investment cost.

(This group is SOLD OUT. please Check back for updates on new groups)