Emotions don't have to be commotions

Every time we express an emotion there’s a complex chemical release that takes place within our bodies. When we think a thought, it produces a feeling or emotion, which releases chemicals that either invigorate our bodies or deplete it leaving us susceptible to a weakened immune system that leads to getting sick, illness or worse. 

When we’re stressed, depressed, not exercising, experiencing chronic worry and fear or not sleeping well, it’s a perfect environment for the body to experience a breakdown. It’s like when the fuel light comes on in your car and not pulling over for gas. Eventually you’ll just run out.

On the other hand, practicing gratitude, love, compassion with regular exercise produces hormones and chemicals that are incredibly invigorating for our body and overall well being. These chemicals are like a nutrient filled smoothie permeating every cell giving us the vitality we deserve. It’s like giving our body a giant prolonged hug. It just feels good.

Once we regain our sense of self worth, self dignity, self respect and most importantly self love we learn to go inside for answers vs looking outside for them.This is how we find true freedom.

The key to maintaining homeostasis is to introduce daily rituals that fuel us to thrive not just survive. Practices like meditation, breathwork, yoga or even gratitude journaling can be powerful ways to keep or get us on the right track. By aligning our minds and bodies to  what feels good, we’re in line with the trueness of who we are. Remember, we are our own pharmacist so please think and feel with care. - Troy

Troy Eckert