Take notice when you W.A.F.L.


I recently identified a useful acronym that’s been game changer for me. When I notice I’m W.A.F.Ling a bit more than I would like, (aka engage in Worrying, Anxious, Fearful Living) I catch myself, sort of giggle, then bring it back to the present moment to create alignment and take my power back. It’s interesting when this happens because it’s like a cascade of W.A.F.L thoughts one after another creating a story that takes on a life of it’s own that isn’t even true!

Living in a place of worry, anxiousness and fear only breeds more of it in our live’s. It’s the law. When we focus on the things we don’t want or lack we get more of the same. Things like I don’t make enough money, I’m not healthy, there’s no one out there for me etc. Notice when you’re aligned with your energy, thoughts and feelings. You are in a place of flow, gratitude, joy and everything comes to you with minimal effort. Again it’s the law. When we raise our internal frequency by merging with the good feelings, the abundance, living in gratitude we’re in a vibrational flow and the universe will respond accordingly.

So the next time you start  to W.A.F.L, remember you’re sending out a signal or a frequency and that energy will be matched. When we become aware of how our thinking creates our vibrational frequency, we learn to take charge opening the doorway to expansion. The doorway to freedom and alignment. -Troy

Troy Eckert