Are you connected to the WIFI?


How frustrated do you get when you lose connection to the WIFI? You instantly feel lost and will do anything to reconnect. You’ve suddenly lost all connection with information as you know it. God forbid you can’t google anything, buy anything, find out where you’re going, etc. The list goes on and on. But after we call the cable company or get the password and reconnect we feel safe again. We can sanely go about our day.

It’s similar when it comes to how we live our lives. When we’re happy, content, present, feel gratitude, are in love and are appreciative we’re connected to the WIFI. When we’re connected we’re in flow. We don’t have to try. Things come easy. Life is seamless. When we’re anxious, fearful, stuck, unhappy or worrisome we’re disconnected from the WIFI. It’s our birthright to be connected all of the time, yet we’re so easily thrown into a feeling of disconnectedness. A feeling like we don’t have a choice to simply get back “online”.  So the question is how do we remain connected to the proverbial WIFI all of the time? 

It’s simply a process of noticing and experiencing. Noticing when you veer off course and experiencing what it feels like to consciously reconnect in that moment and get back to our innate knowing. When we learn how to reconnect to the WIFI we feel a sense of ease and calmness. There’s nothing to fix because it was never broken in the first place. We come back to the present moment with a new found alertness. 

The next time you feel disconnected, pause and remember you have a choice in the way you respond to life's ups, downs and all arounds. At first it may seem difficult and awkward, but with practice it will become a powerful tool to revisit again and again. - Troy

Troy Eckert