For me, grace is the place


Practicing grace in the uncertainty, grace in the adversity, grace with difficult encounters or grace under pressure can help create a healthy relationship with the current challenges in our lives. It could be challenges with a boss, a fellow co-worker, a partner, a health challenge and more.

During these encounters grace may sound counterintuitive but it can help create a sense of ease that will help us manage our emotions around a particular situation or person. It can set us free from the frustrations of wanting to control that person, situation or particular outcome.

There are many forms of grace and you know it when you encounter it. It’s that person who is calm, caring and selfless in an otherwise seemingly stressful or difficult situation. Grace is accompanied with integrity in many situations. Someone that has integrity most likely will exude grace. They are conscious of their surrounding environment and act accordingly with the utmost awareness, care and respect for others and themselves.

I often compare grace to a surfer in an effortless flow with the ocean, a dancer flowing from one move to the next or a basketball player floating from play to play. Grace is the cheetah running at top speed, a humpback whale gliding through the ocean or an eagle soaring through the sky. These animals and humans are expelling incredible amounts or power and strength while appearing to flow like water.

Living a life of grace can be a very powerful way to live. By accessing our innate grace we become more responsible to ourselves and respond to life's challenges with a much more integrated and caring approach. For me grace is the place.

How can you live a life filled with more grace? - Troy

Troy Eckert