The Coaching Life Podcast


As a new Life Coach developing my practice, when I reached out to @phil_goddard who has a reputable podcast called “The Coaching Life Podcast” I didn’t think much of the it. A few weeks went by then Phil contacted me. He resonated with my story and we scheduled a call to explore the possibility of me being on his podcast. I virtually met with Phil, shared more and to my stoke he invited me on the show.

On top of throwing myself into many books about coaching, online workshops, youtube videos etc, his podcast was the most profound piece of education I found. I listened to every episode. It’s a raw look at what goes on behind the scenes in the coaching world and it truly fueled me in committing to the profession. As a matter of fact I found my current coach @richard_w_morgan from his show so thank you for that Phil.

I was super honored and grateful for him to let me share my early coaching journey as well as my life’s journey thus far. I hope you enjoy the conversation between Phil and I. - Troy

Troy Eckert