Alex gray on his radical voyage


We all go through transitions at various stages in our lives. They can be unsettling, unpredictable and downright scary. They can spawn from things that are out of our control or they can come from conscious decisions we make. Transitions come when they’re supposed to even though it may not feel like it in the moment. In my case I’ve had many transitions and some were more challenging than others. Like leaving a 20 year career, becoming a father, going through a divorce, redirecting my life's path spawned from health challenges and much more.

Finding your truth in that sense of pure vulnerability is an important yet painstaking process that may leave you doubting and with more questions. For me it often required a full restore back to factory settings to remember and reconnect with who I truly was. In creating that space I made a decision, owned it and pushed on with with one foot in front of the other until things gained momentum. In a lifetime, transitions happen many times and it’s part of our path in order to learn, gain wisdom and grow.

Alex Gray is one human that I’ve always admired. His attitude, compassion and care for others is as genuine as it gets. Alex recently faced his current transition with total grace and acceptance in understanding the reality that his time as a top athlete had plateaued and he was faced with figuring out what was next. He made the conscious decision to dig deep and do the work to get clear on his current life’s path. I couldn’t be more proud of Alex as he connect with his truth and love for himself and others as he selflessly puts himself out in the world to make a positive impact in people's lives. Here’s to your current transition Alex. Much love to you.

Troy Eckert