We have no idea what’s going to happen five years, five months or even five minutes from now. Life is in constant flux and there’s no telling what will happen minute to minute. Lately I’ve been pondering the fact of impermanence. This goes for places we live, people we know, jobs we have and physical life itself.

Recently I made an impermanent change that I was wrestling with for a while. I made the decision to dive in head first with no idea what will happen. There were moments when I was like “hell ya this is gonna be awesome! This is a great idea!” And the next day I’m like “this is a crazy idea that makes no sense. Get your shit together.” Luckily I’ve learned that making decisions in a state of insecurity, fear and the feeling of needing to “know” is the wrong time to make any decision. The decision in those moments of questioning and pushing is to sit back and do nothing. This goes for all difficult decisions we face. Often taking space will garner a clear answer.

It’s sort of like when you get into an argument with someone and both are out to “win”. How many times has there been a positive outcome when two people are at each other’s throat? Probably one to none times. A better way to handle it could simply be to agree to disagree or better yet not engage and let things cool down. Once everyone is out of defense mode you can revisit. The kicker is to revisit the issue with a solution in mind and not trying to work through the problem. It will get you where you want to go much more efficiently and with better odds of not getting back into a pissing match.

I’ve made the decision to purge most of my belongings and live on the road for a period of time that’s yet to be determined. I know not everyone can just jump in an RV and live mobile but the point is to move beyond your comfort zone and feel your way into the unknown without the mental constraints of needing to be in control of a particular outcome. And I leaned on my intuition (specifically my heart) rather than my “rational thinking mind” to make the decision which got me closer to my truth.

I’m present with my journey and it will unfold as it’s supposed to. - Troy

Troy Eckert