How about we play?


One thing that’s been coming up for me lately is idea to be more playful. Playful in my work, with my kids and just more playful in general. We often tend to take ourselves and things so damn serious (I know I’m definitely guilty of this at times). But once we make a conscious energy shift to that of playfulness, the heaviness of life and our daily stresses seem to melt away for a few moments or even longer. Take children for example. They couldn’t be bothered, stressed or worried about the things we as adults stress over on a moment to moment basis. They’re unadulterated, playful, happy and fully present. I learn so much from observing my kids and I take special note in their candid playfulness and look for ways to apply it in my life.

Why do we take ourselves too seriously? Is it society pressures? Is it pressures to fit in? Is it to show others that we’re smart? I would say yes to all of the above and more. To take a playful approach is to open up to spontaneity, non-attachment, fearlessness, egolessness, vulnerability and the mystery of the unknown which is where creation and innovation happen.

In adopting a more playful approach we can learn to get out of our heads and ultimately out of our own way. We can learn to have gratitude and appreciate the ups and even the symbolic nature of the downs. We can be more present and fulfilled with the precious life we have. We can cease to want to control everything because really all we can do is control what’s in our control (and even that can be a hard task). Ultimately we can learn to love “what is” in the moment.

The next time you find yourself taking things a bit too seriously tap into your inner child, let go, get playful and be fully present to the little wonders of life. - Troy

Troy Eckert