What about consumption?

Consumption comes in many forms. The first thing we think of may be something we eat. Yes it’s that and much more. It’s what we eat, read, watch, hear etc. It’s basically anything we encounter and choose to consume on a day to day basis. It’s the people we hang out with, social circles we’re in, social media we absorb and news we watch. What other forms of consumption are we encountering everyday? Think about it. From the moment we wake up the consumption process starts. Most consumption happens unconsciously from years of hard wiring. I wonder what would happen if instead of checking instagram or emails first thing we did something that actually serves us?

There’s non-serving consumption like too much news, over use of social media, being around people that suck our energy (you get the picture). Then there’s consumption that serves us like inspiring and educational podcasts, books, educational documentaries, workshops, webinars etc. (again you get the picture). With so much information being pushed at us at all times is there the possibility of too much consumption in general? Like when our friends, colleagues, partners etc. recommend a book they’ve read or podcast they’ve heard or a youtube video “you have to watch!”. Maybe it’s time to hit the brakes.

If all we’re doing is consuming content (good or bad) when will have time to live? Time to create? To be present? To build community? To be outside in nature? To nurture ourselves and our relationships? First let’s pay attention to the non-serving consumption and replace it with something that serves us. Next, pay attention to consumption in general. Question it. Check in to make sure this is the thing that will really serve us in this moment even when our friend tells us “you have to check this out”. It may, but in our world of overconsumption from the good to bad, maybe getting conscious of our general consumption is the first thing we should do.  - Troy

Troy Eckert