Man Down Club

For the last 6 months the Man Down Club has been meeting regularly to converse, hold space, support, hold each other accountable, to give and receive hugs and so much more. I felt the need to bring men together in a safe, inviting, uplifting, sincere, vulnerable and compassionate way.

When the guys started to work on themselves they soon realized it wasn’t their, boss, employees, kids, jobs, partners or spouses that was causing angst or stress. It was them. And once they made a conscious choice to go inward for answers, everything in their outward environment began to change. It’s been so inspiring to hear the personal achievements and it gives me so much appreciation and stoke.

It just goes to show that one by one we can work on ourselves to ultimately make real and lasting change that affects all aspects of our lives. It only takes a spark of self awareness to understand that each one of us can small make shifts that make a massive difference. Once we get it on a foundational level, anything is possible. - Troy

Troy Eckert