Dorito Thoughts

Life has its way of throwing stuff at you when you least expect it. For me this year has been a huge life learning event. At the beginning of 2018 I found myself depressed, confused, stressed and a generally out of sorts. Then out of nowhere I became physically and mentally depleted with unexplained health symptoms. I had severe brain fog, couldn’t think straight and my ears were ringing. I went into full anxious mode wondering what was happening to me. After multiple doctors visits I was finally diagnosed with mold toxicity from my house. Between the mold and life-stress at the time it was a perfect environment for a full body explosion. From there I went into a pretty dark and lonely place where I felt frustrated, scared and helpless.
I had always considered myself a healthy person. I had a consistent yoga practice, I ate well, I was surfing, but something was missing. I wasn’t taking responsibility for my thoughts. It was like I was eating junk food but I wasn’t. My thoughts were like a bag of Doritos every day, all day and overtime it caught up to me. I always knew our thoughts and feelings (good or bad) were a direct reflection of long term health but until you get sick or ill because of them you’re almost unaware of the adverse affects.
Over time I gained the vital knowledge on how we’re able to self-regulate the mind and body with the innate “good” chemicals that it needs to heal. Instead of depleting negative energy and thoughts, they were replaced with love, gratitude, appreciation and compassion. I was literally changing my physiology with my own abundant chemicals. The truth is we have the tools within us, on demand, 24/7. We just need to learn how to access them. Once I started to feel better I realized I wanted to share what I had learned. I wanted to show people that we already possess the ability to heal, create a new life and live out the reality that we seek to achieve. Here’s to radical potential! - Troy

Troy Eckert