New Year, new vulnerability

As we turn the last page of the current life chapter we open a new one filled with opportunity and vast potential. In 2019 how will you live? What do you want? No, actually what do you really want? Who do you want to be? What’s the absolute truth? It’s time to peel back the onion layers and see what’s inside.
This is not a life hack strategy with a safe shortcut. Good shit takes time and good shit doesn’t come without getting beat down here and there so be ready. Traveling deep inside can be a daunting and vulnerable process but when done with intention to create a better you it makes the journey exciting and invigorating.
The main thing is to be patient with yourself and not forget to practice self compassion and self love as you leap into the unknown. You can even imagine stepping outside of yourself and giving yourself 3rd party advice. Then it becomes an objective process without the self limiting talk. And most importantly pay attention to what your heart is telling you. Remember the brain thinks but the heart knows.

Troy Eckert