Let's Heal


I’ve been blown away by the response I got from my last post. So many people contacted me about their friends, loved ones or themselves having mystery health symptoms. Some regarding mold specifically but more with just strange symptoms seemingly out of nowhere.
The reality is we’re living in an world with its inherent environmental toxicities but the biggest toxicity is our internal environment of stress. The good thing is it’s possible to manage the stress of modern times. The first step is becoming aware of the triggers and its causes. Chronic stress leads to anxiety which can lead to depression which ultimately causes immune imbalances, sickness, illness and disease. And it’s not the obvious stress that can cause damage. It’s the slow drip stress in the background like worry, resentment and unforgiving that can sneak up on us as well. We are our own healers and with some personal inquiry the answers are within and available on demand 24/7. Our bodies are healing machines and once we realize we hold the power and don’t give it away we can and will heal.
One film that sparked my healing process was a film called HEAL by Kelly Gores. For those that are looking for some answers, this is a great place to start. - Troy

Troy Eckert