I'm possible


What if rather than saying something is “impossible” you pause then say “I’m possible” in that very moment? Saying something is “impossible” is familiar, easy and comforting because you don’t have to take any action. You just get to sink into your old habits and patterns which are known and safe. But when you make a conscious shift to “I’m possible”, things get real interesting. You’ve opened yourself up to the unknown which is where true creation occurs.

Take Alex Honnold for instance who free soloed 3000 ft. El Capitan in Yosemite (he climbed it without ropes) . (Oh and if you haven’t seen the movie Free Solo please do yourself a favor and watch it asap!). Most everyone in the climbing world thought it was impossible except for Alex. What is impossible or seemingly out of reach for one person is indeed possible for another. They transcend any limitations in their mind by visualizing a favorable outcome which MAKES it possible. It’s a simple yet profound perspective shift that changes everything.

If we were to have this approach in our daily lives with everyday events, life would be a lot more exciting. Instead of moving away from our fears we would learn to lean into them. Yes it’s scary as shit at first and you’ll probably be super uncomfortable but the alternative is to just go back into that cozy comfort zone. I call it the lazy boy disease. Instead of facing our fears head on, we slide into the lazy boy and just click through the channels in total hypnosis, but hey we’re comfortable. How do we grow without pushing ourselves? Why do we most often make excuses not to step into the unknown and challenge our belief systems? The next time you think in your mind “that’s impossible”, instead say “I’m possible” and see what happens. - Troy

Troy Eckert